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Yetisports 4

開発者 Nuclear Indie Games
1.17 usd

YETISPORTS: ALBATROSS OVERLOADWhat many are considering to be the best part of the YETISPORTS series is finally available for Android. No matter if you are familiar with YETISPORTS or new to the series, we’re pretty sure you will love this one. Assist a little penguin with his dream of flying! Since the cute little fellow cannot take off by himself, you recruit the help of an Albatross which carries the penguin, well, as far as you make him to. No angry birds in this game! Our Albatross is there to help…
THIS IS WHAT YOU DO Tap once to launch the penguin onto an Albatross. Be sure to choose a fast moving one, since he will carry you further! Once you are airborne, tap for the Albatross to flap his wings. It’s more effective to tap close to the ground, but risky. You don’t want to crash land early.
THIS IS WHAT YOU GET- the most popular part of the YETISPORTS series finally on Android!- gorgeous 3D background graphics- global online highscores
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